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The internet and its power of connectivity are allowing for great developments in the world of piping, with new opportunities being formed for professionals and users at every level of involvement and in any location. Webapp development is an area particularly laudable for its potential to bring immediate gains in efficiency and cost-effectiveness to businesses and customers, and Hydroseal Canada maintains an active interest in this field to ensure it rides the wave of modern technology with agility and grace. Through our interests in the development of brilliantly imagined, expertly designed applications for the web, we're bringing great new things to our own operation and to the operations of our distributors and end users.

As part of our ongoing commitment to seeking insightful new projects and people with the potential to influence positive change in piping, Hydroseal Canada is pleased to be working in conjunction with Macusa Inc on a comprehensive online ERP system. Acting as a highly dynamic, powerful web application, this system is being produced to quickly and easily visualise a number of business reports and critical documents, while also facilitating a greater ease of communication between Hydroseal Canada and its partners and customers. Incorporating time-honored standards in software development as well as welcoming emerging technologies, our online ERP system is destined for critical work in business and relations management.

To truly re-invent and invigorate the global piping industry, it's imperative to work with modern development concepts and with the products and services capable to seeing these concepts through to their blossoming. At Hydroseal Canada, we're leading the way towards a world of pipe that's fluent in today's technology –and today's techniques. From our upcoming ERP system to any one of our many other ventures in webapp development, Hydroseal Canada is helping tech become a more integral part of piping.

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