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One of the greatest challenges in embracing a truly global business network, whether in piping or in other fields, is working with the complexities created by international regulations and requirements related to shipping. Capable of causing considerable mess in terms of paperwork as well as professional patience, such regulations can easily become a nightmare for companies otherwise intent on achieving a global reach. Hydroseal Canada is deeply invested in the trend towards globalized design, production, and distribution, and relies heavily on its international network to get things done. That's why we've focused much of our software development and support on Impex, a module designed to streamline the way companies handle shipping documents.

With Impex, it's easy to identify the correct forms and other materials needed for shipping items to any number of international destinations, and users can easily put together document packages for their shipments to ensure that time spent on logistics is minimal –and far more enjoyable. Sorting through country requirements for documentation can be a major chore, no matter the items to be sent, and mistakes can set back shipments significantly. Through the use of our import/export documentation management software, companies can rely on a thorough database of international shipping regulations to arrive at the precise papers needed for their outgoing orders, all with a few clicks of a mouse.

Impex serves as an apt representative for Hydroseal Canada's software development initiatives. As we work towards bringing positive new products and technological innovations to piping projects and the professionals who run them, we're keeping our eyes out for ideas in software development that matter. Just as we've helped Impex become a highly useful –and widely utilized-- module for managers and workers in piping and across various fields, we're also putting for the time, expense, and expertise to let other big ideas find their way towards deployment.

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