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Venture Capitalism
Taking risks is part of running any successful business, and while it may be unsettling to forge a daring business path, Hydroseal Canada believes in making well-informed, carefully-considered, and ultimately powerful investment decisions capable of improving the piping industry while also giving small operations and individuals the opportunity to grow and prosper. Through our venture capitalism activities, we're helping great ideas in the world of pipe find their way to the desks and hands of distributors and workers worldwide, with results that benefit both Hydroseal Canada's portfolio and the projects of our clients and partners.

When we consider a venture capitalism arrangement, we don't simply rely on traditional measures of aptitude and potential –we take a critical, personalized look at the ability of the people behind each project, and we engage in discussions about how these projects might influence and improve various aspects of the piping industry. To date, we've been involved with several outstanding teams producing innovative items for professionals who work with piping and infrastructure as well as various other sectors, with great results that are certain to become the stepping stones of further investment initiatives.

Our interests with new organizations and their ideas helps us gain a well-rounded perspective on the potential of various new technologies, and also brings our business activities to a truly global and diverse environment. From our venture capitalism with AppLabs and the creation of various fun and functional applications for popular Apple products to our stake in Macusa, the creator of a highly-effective ERP software system slated for use at Hydroseal Canada as well as many other major companies, we've put our investment efforts forward with the precision and strength of execution to get great things done. To make a difference in an industry long regarded as being stale and outdated, finding viable paths for fresh ideas and interesting products is an essential responsibility –and one which Hydroseal Canada takes seriously.

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