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Precision Molding
There are many applications for quality design, and while Hydroseal Canada enjoys a wide range of design-critical efforts, its most passionate are naturally centered around the design of piping itself. Simply putting together the right specifications for a set of standards falls short of Hydroseal Canada's artistic vision, however, and creates the drive for design partnerships that achieve great things both aesthetically and functionally. When a great design is crafted in the hands of professionals who understand that valuable products transcend the status quo, powerful new items are forged –and Hydroseal Canada is thrilled to be a part of that process.

Our molds are carefully crafted in Taiwan by the Wang Brothers, visionary designers and manufacturers who use trusted and technologically innovative techniques capable of producing simple yet creative results every time. Infusing each new project with an interest in traveling to the heart of piping and related accessories to bring back insightful design ideas, the Wang Brothers are a major part of Hydroseal Canada's efforts in obtaining and utilizing a global reach.

The process of molding PVC and CPVC plastics for use in a variety of challenging environments requires an attention to international standards and scientific guidelines, but also needs the specific touch of quality design for an end product that can be reliably and usefully employed. Hydroseal Canada incorporates this essential design element into its molding operations through its work with the Wang Brothers and its commitment to bringing the very best in design to the world of piping –a world too often devoid of the creativity and critical thinking necessary for amazing results.

From the exacting standards of our WTF series to the sleek lines of the Carbone range, Hydroseal Canada's piping products and accessories owe much of their success to the care and expertise of our precision molding techniques and to the design concepts that have helped to shape and refine them. As our molding operations are conceptualized and carried out in Taiwan by seasoned experts with a spark of forward-thinking design, every Tee, Elbow, or Coupling is sure to display an attention to quality details that set Hydroseal Canada products apart. With our leadership in internationally conscious, cost-effective, and relentlessly creative precision molding and our partnership with the Wang Brothers, there's no limit to the benefits bestowed upon our products –or upon our clients.

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